Frequently Asked Questions

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How to use

Can I use the Elephant Airport Express Bus if I don’t fly?

Yes, you can use our services even if you don’t fly. You can use our services as a means to commute to Bangkok CBD area and vice versa.

Can I take the Elephant Airport Express Bus without purchasing the voucher in advance?

Yes, If there is a vacant seat, you can use our service even without making a purchase in advance. Please go to our Elephant Airport Express counter between Exit 7 and Exit 8 to buy a voucher or simply ask the concierge at your hotel to buy the voucher.

If the hotel I’m staying at doesn’t have your bus stop, can I still take the bus?

Yes, you don’t have to stay with the hotel that has our bus stop in order to use our service. You can take the bus to the nearest stop and walk to your hotel; or walk to our nearest bus stop from your hotel to use our service to commute to the airport.

Which terminal should I go to for departure when the bus arrives at Suvarnabhumi Airport?

There is only 1 terminal at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The bus will drop you off on the 1st floor. Departure is usually on the 3rd floor. Please check with your airline for the departure gate.

I have already purchased the voucher online, upon my arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport, where is the meeting point for Elephant Airport Express Bus to CBD?

The meeting point is at Level 1 between Exit 7 and Exit 8, at our service counter.

What are the business hours of the Airport Limousine Bus voucher counter at Suvarnabhumi Airport?

07:00-19:00 hours


I bought the voucher for the Elephant Airport Express Bus to the airport, when should I arrive at the airport?

For domestic flights, we recommend arriving at the airport at least 1.5 to 2 hours before your flight time. As for International flights, we recommend 2–3 hours before your flight time. Keep in mind that our service takes approximately 2-2.5 hours to the airport.

Arrival time of the bus may be delayed due to traffic conditions, so please spare some extra time for Check-in at the counter. Please also note that check-in time varies from airline to airline. Please check directly with your airline regarding check-in and departure times.

Can I change my reservation to an earlier or later bus on the day of my travel?

If there is a vacant seat, we are happy to change your reservation to an earlier or later bus. Please make the request to our staff at the counter. If you are late and have missed the bus, you can use the next available bus. Please note that your reservation will not change to the next available bus automatically.

How can I buy the Elephant Airport Express voucher?

You can buy the voucher at our service counter at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Please visit our counter on the 1st floor, between Exit 7 and Exit 8. You can also purchase the voucher on our website

If I have already purchased a voucher, where is the meeting point at the airport?

Our meeting point is located at the Airport on the 1st floor between Exit 7 and Exit 8. Please present your voucher / e-mail confirmation to our staff at our counter. You must go to our counter and check in your luggage at least 30 minutes prior to the departure time. Our staff will take you to the bus. Please note that we do not provide locker services at our counter and we are not responsible for any lost belongings.

If I bought the voucher for departing from the hotel to the airport, where is the meeting point?

Please visit our website at to see the bus schedule and to locate the nearest pick up point.

If I bought my voucher online and my flight is delayed causing me to miss my bus departure time, what should I do?

Please send an email to our reservation team ( ) regarding your new departure date and time, or call …………… whatsapp…….. or visit our counter at the airport. Please note that vouchers are non-refundable.

Voucher and Fares

How much is the fare for the Elephant Airport Express Service?

Sigle trip
Adult: 180 Baht per person
Child (3-6 years old): 100 Baht per person

Round Trip
320 Baht per person
200 Baht per person

Infants under 3 years old who do not occupy a seat: free of charge.

Where can I buy the voucher?

There are several ways to buy our voucher :
a. Online on our website
b. At our counters at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Emquartier and MBK Center
c. At our partners at hotel concierges, online travel agents, and local tour desks

Can I use a credit card for payment?

Yes, we accept payment through major credit cards including VISA, MASTER and JCB

Is the voucher applicable for every route, every date and every time?

The voucher is for specified routes, dates and times only. This applies to both single and round trips.


How many baggage can I check-in?

You can check-in up to 2 baggage per passenger (including carry on). Baggage must not exceed dimensions of 50 cm x 60 cm x 120cm, with a maximum weight of 30 kgs. Baggage exceeding the mentioned dimensions and weight will be charged an extra 100 Baht per bag.

Can I check in extra bags?

Yes, there is an additional charge of 50 Baht per bag. You can check-in up to 2 extra bags per person.

Can I check-in a golf bag?

Yes, if it is under 2 metres long.

Please note that valuable goods, cash and fragile goods should not be stored in check-in baggage. Elephant Airport Express does not accept responsibility in case of lost and/or damaged items.
Dangerous goods such as explosives, flammable liquids, lighters, poisonous substances, and deadly weapons are not allowed on the bus.

Running Times and Delays

Do you run your service on schedule as shown on your website?

Yes, buses will depart as scheduled.

If there is a delay with Airport Limousine Bus services, will the flight wait for the bus?

No, the flight will not wait for the bus. We are not responsible for any delays such as traffic congestions which are beyond our control. Please arrive at the airport early to check-in.